Mountain hamlets north-eastern of Deštné and one of the most visited places in Eagle mountains. The original mountain settlement called Schierlichhäuser originated in the ed of 17th century. The inhabitants worked as woodcrafters of smugglers. The tourist cottage at Šerlich (1019 m) was built in the year 1925 and called Masaryk´s cottage. The cottage is situated on the Jirásek´s tourist way, several metres by state border with Poland. From there is the beautiful view to mountains Velká and malá deštná, Eagle mountains and to Poland. near the cottage there is also the large ski-centre at the Polish side of border.
Masarykova cottage at Šerlich Masarykova cottage at Šerlich
Masaryk´s cottage
View from Šerlich View from Šerlich
Sight to Zákoutí
Malá Deštná Malá Deštná
Malá Deštná in summer
Above Šerlišský důl Above Šerlišský důl
Over the Šerlich´s valley
Šerlich Šerlich
Šerlich in winter
Malá Deštná Malá Deštná
Winter sight of Malá Deštná